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wood division



New ideas, desire for innovation and courage, today even more than yesterday, are the essential ingredients to support the business and allow to grow responsibly.

In Fametec we are motivated to meet the challenges that customers present us and walk with them along the road that brings life to their projects.



Angular systems with flexible composition

CNC production centers for window frames

Machines and complete plants for the squaring of various products:

windows | panels | doors and kitchen cabinets | products made of special material



To enable companies to conform technologically to modern production systems, Fametec is committed to intervene on existing plants, redesigning parts, replacing mechanical components or changing hardware and software.

The end result is providing products reconditioned according to customer requirements, on which the same guarantee of new machinery is given.



The satisfaction of the end user is often measured by the ability of those who undertake to provide an efficient and at the same time effective service or spare parts delivering.
Fametec, even before becoming a company capable of designing and producing modern and technologically innovative equipment, it was a company providing services only.
This inclination is still the backbone of the company and we are proud of this.




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